On any given night there are numerous homeless young people roaming the streets of Houston. Male and female prostitution is widespread. Many “predators” are ready to take advantage of these wayward young people. We are continually disheartened by the sexual abuse these young men and women subject themselves to for “survival”. Drug and alcohol abuse is epidemic, and the crime rate is excessively high.

These young people find the “street life”, with its so-called freedom, highly addicting. Experience has taught us that these kids have the best chance of becoming responsible and productive citizens if they are transitioned out of the negative spiritual environment. Since 2001, Montrose Street Reach has transitioned hundreds of at-risk young people and older homeless off the streets. They have been placed into shelters, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, maternity and transitional living homes, or reunited with their families. In addition the ministry has influenced many others to seek employment and further their education.



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